Mazel Tov!
Whether it's a brit, bat or bar mitzva, birthday, anniversary, wedding
or any special occasion which you are celebrating in Israel.
Your simcha is a few months away, and you start planning it…
Which kind of event would best suit you – a brunch, a lunch, a shabat away, an organized trip or an evening affair?
Would it be an event for young people, adults or both?
It's very hard to choose … and which halls are there in the area? What suits you the best?
Should it be large or small, formal or casual?
What about the music, decorations and invitations?
And what about the program?
There's so much to think about in so little time!

Here's where I can help you…
All you have to do is point me in the right direction and I will give you all the options, reducing your stress level and enhancing your enjoyment … and of course taking care of all the details – even in the planning stages.
After all, it's YOUR SIMCHA!

!Nice meeting you

Hi, my name is Daphna Kaminetsky.
I was born and raised in Belgium and I speak fluent English, French, Dutch and Hebrew.
After making alyah at the age of 18 I spent 3 years studying Graphic Design.
Whilst gaining work experience as a Graphic Designer, 
I simultaneously organized numerous events for 
family and friends. 
In 2006 I realized that I love designing, 
but I missed working with people. 
At that point I decided to combine both my loves.
I studied Event Planning at the Israel School of Management
and since then have developed experience as well as professionalism in this field.
My aim is to make your simcha unforgettable.
I will help you achieve your dreams!